Friday, October 7, 2011

Silvervine P-Low - Approval from "Happy Cats"

"My Kitties Approved It (Silvervine P-Low)"

Thank you Jessica for the lovely e-mail! 
The very 'round' cat is Mama kitty and the one behind is her son.
She's a pregnant stray who decided to adopt kind Jessica!!

P:S: Photos like this keep me going!!! :) 


  1. Hi !!!
    I've just recieved the pillow ... and my cats go mad ! :D It's amazing ! I've ordered another one because they begin to fight to own the pillow haha !
    It's really intense, I'm a happy mom-cat, they're happy lolcat! :D
    Thank you to share this awesomeness!

  2. Hi Alice,

    Are these suitable for cats with FIP? Cos my friend's cat is recovering from FIP, so wondering if I can give that to her cat. :p


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