Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dari PJ ke Perancis .... Happy Cats, Happy People ..

From PJ (Petaling Jaya) to Perancis (France), comments from two happy cat-moms!
Silvervine P-Low : Happy (Mad? Crazy?) Cats, Happy Mom!

Letty from France who shares...
"Hi !!! 
I've just recieved the pillow ... and my cats go mad ! :D It's amazing ! I've ordered another one because they begin to fight to own the pillow haha !
It's really intense, I'm a happy mom-cat, they're happy lolcat! :D
Thank you to share this awesomeness!"

Jenn from Petaling Jaya wrote in her email ...
"Hey there!
My cats are going crazy over the pillows!! Really happy with your stuff. Thanks."

Thank you Letty for taking the effort to visit my 'very-low-traffic' blog and commented! I appreciate it!
For your 'awesomeness', I added something 'extra' in your order!

Thank you Jenn for your email! I appreciate it, a lot!

P:S: Now, when I say my cats are crazy and driving me up the wall.... I mean it! :) Imagine 12 crazy kitties indoor!

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