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Monday, September 2, 2013



10pcs Teabags at RM 15.00
20pcs Teabags at RM 26.00 
30pcs Teabags at RM 32.00 
50pcs Teabags at RM 50.00 

Catnip - N. cataria is used as a recreational substance for pet cats' enjoyment. The common reaction when cats come in contact with catnip are rubbing, rolling on the ground, pawing at it, licking it, and chewing it. Consuming much of the plant is followed by drooling, sleepiness, anxiety, leaping about and purring. Some growl, meow, scratch, or bite the hand holding it. Response period after exposure is generally 5-10 minutes. 

Try not to expose your kitties to Catnip too often as they may get used to its scent and refuse to respond! :) Once or twice a week is best to keep them felines interested.

These teabags are very useful as you can hide it in your felines favourite toys, or in pillows for their enjoyment.

Rest assured its quality is good for our consumption too! A cup of Catnip tea can be good for relaxation!

My feline CMY getting high on Catnip teabags! It works!

I am BACK ... (sort-of ...)

Wondering what happened to sillylupie?
Why she's not replying enquiries .....
Why she sometimes reply and then go all quiet?

Hold and Behold.
She's been blessed with a new addition!
A little girl named Sophia.

Pregnancy journey was challenging.
Taking care of a preemie girl is a little tough too.

Having a new role and at the same time struggling with a chronic illness ain't easy but it will get better la! :)

Thank you for your patience.
And to those that I've not replied, I am so, so, so sorry!

I returned to my blog today and realised several pictures to Happy Cats are missing! :(
Hope to do a little blog 'housekeeping'!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Cats : Mama & Babies!

Lovely Meowmmy Noor wrote ...
.......... all my kittens are enjoying the plow so much, they're just 2 months + at the time the pic was taken. Only the mother gave no reaction. She only monitors her kittens, to make sure they dont get high much.

Fluff Balls!!! :)

Mama's Watching!

It is lovely to see the kittens enjoying their Silvervine. What's more amazing is they are young, 2 months-old or so and kittens are known not to respond to cat attractant! I guess they are early starters like Marlene. :)

Another interesting note to share is that pregnant & nursing Meowmmy may not respond to Silvervine!
(I guess it is only naturally not to get 'high' while expecting or nursing, same goes for human!)