Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Cats : Mama & Babies!

Lovely Meowmmy Noor wrote ...
.......... all my kittens are enjoying the plow so much, they're just 2 months + at the time the pic was taken. Only the mother gave no reaction. She only monitors her kittens, to make sure they dont get high much.

Fluff Balls!!! :)

Mama's Watching!

It is lovely to see the kittens enjoying their Silvervine. What's more amazing is they are young, 2 months-old or so and kittens are known not to respond to cat attractant! I guess they are early starters like Marlene. :)

Another interesting note to share is that pregnant & nursing Meowmmy may not respond to Silvervine!
(I guess it is only naturally not to get 'high' while expecting or nursing, same goes for human!)


  1. comelsssssss......................

  2. Wow, dats a lotta kittehs. Man o man, wood I luv to play wif dem. We wood have so much funs!!!


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