Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Cats : Niko & Nini

Nothing makes me happier than to see Happy Cats! :)
Today, I share with you a video!!
Moving pictures ... which I am not very good at.
Kind Meowmmy Fida did it all by emailing a file for me to upload.
Thank You!

Video courtesy of Meowmmy Fida ...

Read more about Meowmmy Fida and her furry ones on :-
(I am rather hooked on the K-Pop MTV playing on her blog! hehe :))
Facebook - Fida & Kitties

I am glad her kitties enjoyed their Silvervine P-Lows ..
And, she highlighted an interesting point about one of her older cat, Browny, who took 2-3 days before she responded!

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