Saturday, May 21, 2011

Silvervine P-Low (Matatabi, Japanese Catnip)

Silvervine P-Low (Pillow), only the best for kitty!!
We (kitties) are worth it!

Silvervine P-Low is made from double layers of cloth, filled with Silvervine / Matatabi / Japanese Catnip and then puffed up with silk cotton (kekabu) and more Silvervine.

Sure to give kitty a good 'bunny-kick' exercise!

Interested to order?
Pls e-mail me at sillylupie(at)gmail(dot)com

Within Malaysia (Peninsular)
One (1) Silvervine P-Low - RM 7.50
Two (2) Silvervine P-Low - RM 15.00
Three (3) Silvervine P-Low - RM 21.00

Other Location :- Please email for details.

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  1. Hye....I've got 7 kitties rite now but they never try catnip to let them experience it! u can check it out my blog n fb :D


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