Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitty Nip Sachet (Flowery)

A 9 cm x 9 cm sachet made from cotton mix cloth.

Filled with :- 
- Generous amount of Dried Catnip (from high altitude, therefore higher oil content) 
- No fillers, just catnip.
- Will turn your kitties wild - do not leave them unattended!
Price - RM 5.50 or USD 1.80 each

Postage & Handling 
-  Within Malaysia RM 5.00 (POS Express up to 3 items)
-  Others USD 3 first item, subsequent items at USD 0.50 each.

Maybank2u / RHB / Paypal accepted.
E-mail me at : sillylupie(at)gmail(dot)com to order.


  1. Wah! New shop! I help u advertise in my FB page ya! Good luck with sale!


  2. cat became wild??
    what exactly this thing yer alice? :)
    i dunno... ;p

  3. Have you heard of the local plant "Kucing Galak" or is it "Galak Kucing" (??), cats are attracted to it especially its root and will roll in high and wild? (Also known as Tam Yae Maew" or "Thai Catnip")

    "Kucing Galak" grows in our weather. Its scientific name is "Acalypha Indica".

    I am using catnip from North America, where its scientific name is "Napeta Cataria" - it has similar effects as "Kucing Galak".

    For more info, read : http://www.cat-world.com.au/all-about-catnip


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